Friends of the Richelieu. A river. A passion.

"Tout cedit pays est fort uny, remply de forests, vignes & noyers. Aucuns Chrestiens n'estoient encores parvenus jusques en cedit lieu, que nous, qui eusmes assez de peine à monter le riviere à la rame. " Samuel de Champlain

"All this region is very level and full of forests, vines and butternut trees. No Christian has ever visited this land and we had all the misery of the world trying to paddle the river upstream." Samuel de Champlain

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Living by Running Water

"Do you live by the river? I hope so, because people who live near running water are much nicer than people who don`t. I`d be mean as a scorpion if I lived inland." - Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, The Guernsey Literary and Popato Peel Pie Society

Thursday, January 17, 2019

We Owe our Life to Plants

"Although plants appear to be passive agents in the environment, they play an incredibly active role in the maintenance and evolution of life on Earth. Without plants, which are the organisms on the "firts line" of transforming the light of the sun into energy that can be used by all other forms of life, we would not exist." - Catriona MacGregor , Partnering with Nature - The Wild Path ot Reconnecting with the Earth

Ma traduction: Bien que les plantes semblent jouer un rôle passif dans notre environnement, elles sont incroyablement actives à maintenir et à faire évoluer la vie sur Terre. Sans les plantes, qui sont les organismes de "première ligne" à transformer la lumière du soleil en énergie accessible à toutes les autres formes de vie, nous n`existerions pas.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Feed the birds!

Many days of snow are coming, and then it with be dreadfully cold! Fill up your feeders! Remember our feathered friends!