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"Tout cedit pays est fort uny, remply de forests, vignes & noyers. Aucuns Chrestiens n'estoient encores parvenus jusques en cedit lieu, que nous, qui eusmes assez de peine à monter le riviere à la rame. " Samuel de Champlain

"All this region is very level and full of forests, vines and butternut trees. No Christian has ever visited this land and we had all the misery of the world trying to paddle the river upstream." Samuel de Champlain

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In from the cold

Mid-October: I must admit that some plants can no longer stay outside without me risking loosing them. Already, the Coleus I sowed this Spring went into shock and the most colored one let go of most of its big leaves. That one I found a place for it in the "office" where the cats cannot go and eat it up. It will suffer from lack of sunlight, for sure, but at least it will not freeze to death.

As for the Fuchsias, well I took them down from their exposed northerly hanging place and brought them under the covered front porch, hoping to give them a week or so of more outside living they prefer. It is only one step closer to their wintering place in the basement cold room where they have barely enough light to survive that season.

I've picked most of the remaining ripe tomatoes, hoping that some of the green ones will have time to ripen, protected from the frost by climbing green beans. I've put a cloche over the one Basil plant that germinated from the spring sowing. Maybe I'll just have enough leaves to add to my next batch of home-made soup!

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