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"Tout cedit pays est fort uny, remply de forests, vignes & noyers. Aucuns Chrestiens n'estoient encores parvenus jusques en cedit lieu, que nous, qui eusmes assez de peine à monter le riviere à la rame. " Samuel de Champlain

"All this region is very level and full of forests, vines and butternut trees. No Christian has ever visited this land and we had all the misery of the world trying to paddle the river upstream." Samuel de Champlain

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Standing at the brink of a black hole

For a split second, the wit that used to be flickers in sight, making my heart skip a beat. Suddenly, I surprise myself relaxing, enjoying the moment. But it passes quickly, and the black void, the selfish child takes over, and my defenses come back up, ready for anything that may come. And once again, I'm reminded that I cannot stay in his presence for very long without me loosing a bit more of myself. The feeling is like standing at the brink of a black hole, wondering where is the threshold of sanity.

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