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"Tout cedit pays est fort uny, remply de forests, vignes & noyers. Aucuns Chrestiens n'estoient encores parvenus jusques en cedit lieu, que nous, qui eusmes assez de peine à monter le riviere à la rame. " Samuel de Champlain

"All this region is very level and full of forests, vines and butternut trees. No Christian has ever visited this land and we had all the misery of the world trying to paddle the river upstream." Samuel de Champlain

Friday, February 19, 2016

The changes have begun

The changes at my neighbors seem to have begun. Big men in orange overalls walk around, talking so loud they split the cold air and their booming voices reach me inside my home in spite of all the closed windows and the trees between us. Noises of back-up signals and banging tools also break what was a quiet morning up to now. What will bring the rest of the day, I wonder.

I can't see them, but the southerly breeze carries the noises of men into my refuge full of birds that keep on feeding despite their presence too near.

***UPDATE: I took a walk to go buy a newspaper and was able to see that the Hydro-Québec workers had spliced the two A/C 100W wires and put in junction connections. I imagine this is in preparation of bringing in electricity for the new house that will be built.

P.S.: Someone driving a small grey car loudly honked at me and made a hand gesture. I was not able to determine if it was a wave or a finger.


  1. They were Hydro-Québec. Maybe have nothing to do with the new neighbors. Maybe.

  2. March 29, 2016: Slow walking adult man doing the perimeter of the neighbor's property, stopping at the surveyors' stake, looking at the cedars, then shuffling the fallen leaves with his feet while going towards the back of the lot. Then saw a black SUV back out and leave in a southerly direction. I wonder what all that is about?